Do I need any tools to assemble the shelving system?

No, the entire shelving line is designed to be assembled easily and without any tools. You will only need 2 screws, 2 anchors and a screwdriver to fix the shelving unit to the wall for safety and stability reasons.

Can I combine other FOM Shelving to create my own configuration? If yes, how do I do that?

Yes, you can create your own shelving configuration by choosing the number of units you want and just assembling them all together. To create your own configuration, you will need: 1 standalone shelving unit  (Petite or Unbound) to start, and then as many add-ons as you need. With FOM Shelving, you can personalize your space and adjust to your evolving needs. (Please note that if you have the Petite (3 shelf) unit, you cannot add High-Five (5 shelf add-on). Instead, it is possible to add to Unbound (5 shelf unit) the Triplet ( 3 shelf add on.))

Can I change/expand the chosen configuration in the future?

Yes, you can do that by just buying 1 or more Add-on shelving unit and connecting them to your current one. You can disassemble and re-assemble your FOM shelving whenever you want and as many times as you like. (Please note that if you have the 3 shelf unit, you cannot add 5 shelf add-on. Instead, it is possible to add to a 5 shelf unit the 3 shelf add on.)

Can I use this Shelving units as free-standing unit?

Yes. The FOM shelving is designed to be free standing. Wall mounting is needed for safety and warranty reasons.

Maximum loading capacity for each shelf?

The FOM shelving can carry 55 lb / 25 kg for each shelf.

Can I load more than 55 lb /25 Kg per shelf?

The structure is designed for normal use in compliance with the specifics in the warranty section, so overloading or incorrect assembly can cause breakage or damage.

Can I place hot objects in direct contact with the shelves?

FOM shelving are made of a particular material that gives strength to the structure, but it can be damaged on the surface if placed in direct or indirect contact with hot objects.

Can I fix the shelving unit to the wall using the narrow side?

We do not recommend doing so as the shelving units are designed to be fixed to the wall on its front facing.

I need help with understanding the assembly instructions.

Please visit the assembly instruction tab on each of the product pages for video or PDF file.

How long does it take to assemble the shelving unit?

Normally the users will need 30 min to assemble the standard FOM Unbound (and other 35 minutes to display it properly, finding the right place in the room and finding the perfect light).

How long will it take to disassemble the shelving unit?

To disassemble the shelving unit, you will need 15/20 minutes.

How do I disassemble the product? Do I need special tools?

To assemble and disassemble FOM shelving, you do not need any tools, you will just need the shelving parts and the instruction manual.

Can I decorate the bookcase with planters?

Yes, and we are encourage you to add planters. Just keep in mind that the bookcase is partially made of natural wood fiber and so stagnant water can leave a halo on the surface if left in direct contact with the shelf for a long period.

How can I clean the shelving unit?

You can clean it with warm water and damp cloth only. Do not use cleaning detergents.