Hunkered Down and Working from Home

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has impacted the world in ways we never imagined. Over 90% of the global workforce is being forced to stay in isolation by self-quarantining for a period of at least 14 days with absolutely no guarantee of what’s to come. This is very sad news for us FOM-ers who cannot stand being tied down and demand our Freedom Of Motion.

Some of the precautionary restrictions to help prevent the spread of the infection include staying at home and NOT visiting with friends or even family members, especially our elders. “Social distancing” has altered society’s behavior and caused our daily routines to take on new challenges in adopting new habits. This is a time to look inward and to reflect on what we can do to help improve our health and our environment, starting with our homes. Home is where the heart is - and right now, our hearts are going out to all the people who have been affected by the unwelcome pandemic. As you probably know, Freedom Of Motion is “mass-tailor produced” in Italy which is considered to be one of the outbreak’s epicenters among the other majorly impacted countries. The entire FOM team is also working from home upon delivering this announcement expressing our sincere concern and care regarding the situation at hand and our appreciation for your support.

Designing Your At-Home Work Environment

Alright, the time has come to design your home office space. Your work-room’s new setup is going to be comfortable and provide easy access to everything you might need while working. All distractions aside, let’s create your new working environment with a modular bookcase and see how productive we can be while working from home. Next to the regular office supplies you generally need for work like your computer, a comfy chair and a desk, you’re going to need some shelves. Choose a good spot in the room up against the wall where your bookcase can reside. Then, remove any random items that are unnecessary from the room like boxes, tables, cabinets and other non-essential objects to create open space for a new room layout. It’s time to redecorate your working space using Freedom Of Motion’s modular shelf units.

Elevate Your Storage Space

With your FOM bookcase shelves in mind, you can begin storing your items in a more organized and minimalistic way. Tidying up around the home is a lot easier to maintain when working with Freedom Of Motion. Designing your at-home office space with modularity in mind is the best thing you can do to achieve the level of productivity our work life demands. FOM provides you more flexibility (indoors and out) with modular shelving to match your dynamic needs. For example, if you run a small home business selling baked goods, the kitchen might be your “office” working environment. FOM is still the perfect match for storing and organizing your cookware, ingredients and containers. Elevate your space with a minimalistic, vertical display that represents the aesthetically pleasant side of working from home.

Four Walls and a Roof

Four walls and a roof is all you need to get creative and start decorating your home office space. Working from home has its challenges as it is. Why not simplify our lives by investing in modular home furniture that adapts to our dynamic lifestyles. Whilst taking into consideration that not every home layout is the same, FOM makes it easy to choose the right size bookcase to match its environment. Depending on the size of the room, FOM offers a variety of modular bookcase units that can be extended and added onto according to your dynamic storage needs. Should you decide to relocate in the future, you can still keep your FOM furniture around since it’s lightweight and designed to be easily transported - hence the name “Freedom Of Motion”. With an innovative “no-tools” approach for assembly and disassembly, you can rest assured knowing that this specific piece of furniture is a lifelong companion worth hanging on to.

Millennials Crave Modular Furniture

Working from home should be way more convenient than going to the office. With our home spaces becoming more and more work oriented, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for more modular furniture. Millennials and young families alike are constantly on the move and we all want more space in our life. More flexibility, functionality and Freedom Of Motion. Not only that, but we want to feel good about the products we support. Transparency matters to us. We care about recycling, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Versatility is nice, but sustainability is at the heart of it all. These are some of the important things we keep in mind when dsigning our modular furniture for your “creation stations”. FOM transforms any space into an organized and productive room where you can comfortably work and live with joy.

Step 1, choose your FOM:

  1. FOM Petite - three shelf base unit
  2. FOM Unbound - five shelf base unit

Step 2, choose your add-ons:

  1. FOM Triplet - three extra shelves
  2. FOM High-Five - five extra shelves

Combo-Packs: Family & Friends

  1. FOM Skedaddle - two columns of three shelves (3;3)
  2. FOM Trio - three columns of three shelves (3;3;3)
  3. FOM Snug-Bug Jr. - two columns; five shelves and three (3;5)
  4. FOM Snug-Bug - three columns; five shelves and (x2) three (3;3;5)
  5. FOM Mantelpiece - two columns of five shelves (5;5) - (*Recommended with the FOM High-Five add-on for a full wall mantelpiece with three five shelf columns - 5;5;5))

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