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A lot sure has changed since Covid. To say that there’s nothing good about COVID-19 wouldn’t be wrong, but it also wouldn’t be fair. As a matter of fact, we happen to believe that a lot of good things have started happening since the pandemic and we wanted to mention a few. Perhaps these Corona times have enabled us to help transform our world into a much healthier home. 

For Many, It’s Go Digital, or “Go Home” 

Since the Coronavirus, companies around the world have been struggling to stay afloat and remain relevant lest they gradually dissolve. With the pandemic’s global lockdowns, the internet has become our lifeline and portal to the rest of humanity. As a result, companies worldwide have been forced to transform their business model into a more digital and accessible service. 

The old school ways of handling things have been digitally transformed into same-day deliveries and subscription-based services - let’s face it, convenience is king. Thanks to technology, even the traditional industries like farming and manufacturing have started to go digital in one way or another. Just take a look at FOM, for example, and other digitally native vertical brands (DNVB).

Good-bye Dear, Sweet Comfort Zone 

Facing the new challenges of Covid-19 has been an accelerated learning curve for all of us. Some of us used ZOOM for the very first time while learning to practice social distancing. Many of us learned a new skill or picked up a new hobby while keeping busy during quarantine. We have begun to truly understand what it’s like working from home and what it means to adapt

Shopping online has grown exponentially for many e-commerce companies like Wolt, Shopify, and of course, Amazon, ever since Corona. Parents are homeschooling their children and juggling the chores in between virtual conference calls while the neighbor’s dog just won’t stop barking - we get it. Still, thanks to Corona, we’ve also learned how to grow out of our comfort zones, and to do so from the very comfort of our very dear homes. Speaking of home…

A New Hashtag Was Born; #WFH 

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Remember when working from home was just an office-job daydream that we would only “kid” about? Well, look who’s laughing now. All joke’s aside, the digital recruitment industry is also on the rise now that more companies need more tech savvy brains as the workforce and employment sectors continue to adapt. Many companies have already started investing more in their employees with digital enrichment programs, transforming them valuable assets for the future. That’s definitely a good thing.  

Now that we know working from home is indeed possible, it’s important to create a sacred WFH space for high creativity, focus and productivity. Hybrid work schedules still require having that dedicated zone at home with a flexible environment to get things done, which is challenging enough on its own. Thanks to Corona, more smart home products and services have been made accessible to us all, enabling us to work from home in comfort. Not only that, but thanks to Corona, now we can pay more attention to what matters most. 

Hello, New Home Feeling / Office Space 

When we created Freedom Of Motion (FOM), we wanted to be proud of what it represents when seen around the home. We wanted to make a conscious effort to make a conscious product. Sustainability is super important to us, so we designed FOM using a combination of upcycled wood shavings - (zero trees were harmed) - mixed together with a blend of recycled plastics and nontoxic compounds. It might not have a built-in USB port, but the technology behind Freedom Of Motion is what gives this modular bookshelf unit its innovative edge. No metals, no paints, and no chemicals - what we like to call - “the most eco-friendly furniture” for home.

Millennials especially want to feel good about the products they buy, and more companies are starting to embrace social responsibility than ever before. Transparency isn’t just a price tag. People want to be treated fairly and equally, therefore, we believe sustainable products are the future and should be accessible to everybody, not only the elite. Since Corona, we have been helping more families convert their homes into elevated spaces with more “freedom of motion”. FOM will be at b8ta store until the end of September and is currently available at Amazon. Stay tuned as FOM will also be available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Wayfair soon enough.

Thank you for inviting FOM into your home and showing support. #homesweetfom 

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