FOM ecosystem friendly furniture

A Mindset - Not an Attitude

The new term “eco-friendly” has become a trending industry topic that reflects a transparent corporate structure - a mindset that promotes conscious consumerism for a greener planet. As our generation continues to grow environmentally enlightened, the demand for a healthier planet starts with the manufacturing giants who produce some of the world’s largest carbon footprints. The more we learn, the harder it gets to support companies who are careless when it comes to preserving the environment and recycling toxic materials. The majority of American households today have a routine recycling system of some sort in place and are conscious of the environment. Households that recycle their waste have become more selective when it comes to where they spend their money and with who. In an attempt to capture the more conscious consumer markets, more and more companies are implementing eco-friendly aspects to their overall business activities and we (alongside Millennials) couldn’t be happier.

Transportable - Not for the Dump

Aside from being ecosystem friendly, another major factor to consider when buying your home furniture is how easy will it be to take apart and transport? The last thing you want is to spend money on furniture that will just get tossed to the dumpster in a couple years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to disassemble RTA furniture and end up being unable to reassemble it. Whether it’s poor quality materials or poor design, most furniture requires certain tools and a couple of able bodies, especially if it’s heavy. One of the biggest advantages of Freedom of Motion furniture is the fact that it is easy to take it apart and put it back together, no tools required. With a strong and lightweight construction, it’s clear to see why FOM is so easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go -- it even includes a convenient carrying case made with durable fabric that can be zipped and up swung over the shoulder -- great for frequent movers, campus dormitories, and short term apartments. Say good-bye to your old furniture’s stubborn ways and say hello to your new Freedom of Motion.

Smart Production Design - Ethical

When it comes to manufacturing and production, FOM uses a smart and innovative method that saves energy, time and resources during the creation process. By tailor mass producing large quantities of furniture in waves, FOM is able to methodologically measure and account for each production cycle. This is why each production cycle generates a unique color scheme that will never truly be reproduced in the future, making FOM a collectible series. Since each FOM series is different from the last, we encourage our community of FOM-ers to connect and keep in touch as new FOM furniture is released. You never know who might be looking to swap out or trade pieces with you. Our community of FOM-ers is full of active people living around the planet and running non-stop lifestyles. After experiencing FOM for yourself, it’s easy to understand why minimalists are obsessed with their “Freedom of Motion” furniture. By supporting FOM products, you are automatically considered as a contributing member of our smart and ethical community.

Corporate Social Responsible - Sustainable

As sustainability increases in popularity, “CSR” too has become one of the trendiest of metrics to be considered by the average consumer before buying. In today’s wild world, the benefits of buying sustainable products are quite obvious, however, measuring a company’s worth based on its responsibility for the environment is a whole other thing. Most people want to know that their hard earned money is going to the right places. Studies even show that consumers are more likely to invest in a company that gives back to society in a positive way by buying and owning their product to demonstrate their support for a good cause. Freedom Of Motion respects the environment and uses materials that are either repurposed or recycled in an effort to reduce toxic waste and lower carbon footprints. By owning FOM furniture, you can rest assured knowing that your modern taste and buying habits are perfectly aligned with today’s standards concerning sustainable products and corporate social responsibility. FOM not only stands for a greener planet, but it also stands for your beliefs.

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