FOM Smartphone Inspired

Forward Thinking

A blunt statement if I’ve ever seen one, but was the new FOM furniture inspired by the mobile industry’s almighty smartphone? With zero connection to technology, there are a few core elements to the new Freedom Of Motion brand that we consider to be “forward thinking” and “futuristic” regarding FOM’s modular business structure -- The mobile tech industry would be proud. It puts modularity and at the forefront of the focus and its mobility as an added function.

What started as a corporate incubator initiative to join the global efforts of reducing our planet’s carbon footprint has quickly become an innovative way to increase recycle plastic materials and repurpose (otherwise wasted) wooden shavings. Inevitably, FOM has become an influential brand that provides an alternative solution to home and office furniture. FOM caters to the minimalist mindset and promotes smart interior design concepts that save space, time and energy.

With sustainability being part of the brand’s DNA, “Freedom Of Motion” deserves the top shelf.

Trend Setting

Almost everything nowadays is subscription based, “cancel anytime”, and “no strings attached”. We don’t want to be tied down in long term commitments that only limit our “freedom of motion”. Embracing the trend, FOM captures the essence of the modular business structure for modular furniture, penetrating the hearts and homes of Millennials everywhere. Not only does FOM give you the flexibility to mix, match and combine with other furniture pieces in the room, it’s modern design was specifically engineered to enhance your home living and storage space with its smart and professional aesthetic design. Everything is modular, meaning you can add on to and extend your FOM Bookcase with extra FOM bookcase add-ons that were made to attach to the FOM bookcase base units. Easy to assemble and disassemble, no tools are required.

Modular Structure

Like apps on a smartphone or storage in the cloud, FOM’s products are modular to your needs. No one user is the same and every home is different. Whether you need FOM for the reading corner, the home office or even for the bathroom, Freedom Of Motion works well in any location. Along with modularity, user experience is also important. We all know what it’s like to move homes and the stress that it entails. For example, how many times have you had to sell your existing furniture to a new tenant because you couldn’t take it with you? Or, how many times have you tried to take it with you, but fail to properly disassemble everything in an orderly manner for reassembling later?

Dealing with change tends to go against our nature as humans and we tend to stick to what we know. Most store bought furniture is heavy and complicated to take apart and transport when relocating. Freedom Of Motion is tackling this issue head on with its alternative furniture solution for the modular mindset. With a modular product and a modular business structure, you will never need to plan ahead again when it comes to investing in your home furniture pieces. With a strong and lightweight design, there’s no limit to the number of units and add-ons you can combine to accommodate your domestic furniture needs.

Tailor Mass Produced

The term “Tailor Mass Production” was initially coined by FOM and it basically means with each manufacturing cycle, a unique color scheme is assigned to each new wave signifying its unique production timeline. Using unique color schemes to timestamp a new production line, each color scheme is carefully selected to complement the previous color schemes and to gently blend in while enhancing its surrounding environment. Speaking of the environment, Freedom Of Motion is extremely woke when it comes to saving the planet, clean energy conservation, and recycling or repurposing old materials.

Supporting FOM products is a great way to demonstrate FOM’s support for “corporate social responsibility” (CRS). By tailor mass producing our products with recyclable materials that were engineered to be lightweight and long lasting, FOM uses a self-regulated business model that helps the company and its stakeholders remain socially accountable. Nowadays, brands like FOM are able to positively impact and consciously enhance important aspects of our society, such as the economy and the environment. Evidently, the level of transparency continues to actively increase as the growing value of consumerism continues to evolve.

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21 October, 2016


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