About us


In a world of non-stop motion, Millennials worldwide are more conscious than ever before. 

Being mindful of the environment and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle has become a recurring theme among the next generation who values the freedom of not being tied down.

Freedom Of Motion (FOM)- defining the Furniture of Millennials.

FOM represents the generation mindset by producing modular furniture for offices and homes.

With its professional and aesthetic design, FOM’s collectible pieces are made from recycled plastics and natural wood components that are strong, lightweight and environmentally safe.

FOM manufactures modular furniture for optimizing and upgrading any living quarters.

FOM is fun to combine and rearrange with the other items in the room, opening up and enhancing your use of living space and easily transportable.

Join our worldwide community of “FOM-ers” to mix, match and trade iconic pieces from within the network.

Each series of the FOM furniture line is tailor-mass produced in a specific color combination and is unique to its own time, meaning that each collectible piece will only be sold for a limited time.

Collect, combine and display your favorite FOM creations over time. 

FOM was initially launched in a corporate incubator of a leading manufacturer producer and marketer of household and consumer goods, leading the industry on its way to a greener planet.

Modular furniture made in Italy